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More V-Day Chocolates
By Ed Levine
February 12, 200720070212Robs.jpg
Photograph by our intern, Robyn Lee, aka The Girl Who Ate Everything.
Another day at Serious Eats world headquarters, another box of chocolates delivered to our door. On Friday, the chocolates that came our way were from Sahagún Handmade Chocolates (10 Northwest 16th Avenue, Portland OR 97209; 503-274-7065). Brian Spangler, the co-owner of our favorite Portland pizzeria, Apizza Scholls, turned us on to Sahagún on his website. It turns out that Brian knows chocolate just about as well as he knows pizza.
Here’s what we have tried so far:
Sahagun Chocolates Caramel BitesLuscious Caramels: Aptly described on the flyer that came in the box as “soft, buttery, salted caramel encased in a bittersweet thimble and topped with a nut. Corn-syrup free. Best eaten in one exploding bite!” How right they are. These were so good, so buttery, just salty enough, that you will notice that the photo that Serious Eats managing editor Adam Kuban took of them (left) and the one that our intern, Robyn Lee, took (above) only have two instead of the three that were sent. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed one and popped it in my mouth before they could stop me.

Sahagún owner Elizabeth Montes also makes stupendous barks (as seen in Robyn’s photo above). The Pepitiapapá Bark features toasted pumpkin seeds and just enough jalapeño to give it a little heat at the end of each bite.

The Palomitapapá Bark features what they call “exploded corn,” chile Japonés, and flor de sal. Imagine the best CornNuts ever surrounded by really good dark chocolate.

The Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts! product (presumably inspired by the Charlie Parker–Dizzy Gillespie tune of the same name) features Spanish peanuts, salt, and chile Japonés. In the same vein, imagine the best Goobers you’ve ever tasted.

The chocolate-covered candied ginger was also killer.

If Serious Eats world headquarters were in Portland, we would be making weekly pilgrimages to Sahagún.

We’ll add this to our list of serious chocolate sources. For other spots we haven’t covered yet, visit chocomap.com.

By the way, it’s only Monday. There are two days to go before Valentine’s Day. Is there such a thing as chocolate poisoning?


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