Our Elders: National Treasures

On March 12, 2007 I was asked to perform a demo for a very special group of people at the Institute for Puerto Rican and Hispanic Elderly. I was to speak on the strength of women in the kitchen, traditionally, in the Latino household, and show a healthy, user friendly recipe for the attendees of the meeting. I decided to show them how to make a simple, but classic tomato Gazpacho.

The meeting was called to order by Ms. Suleika Rivera Drinane, the force behind the organization. Suleika is a whirlwind of energy and commitment, and I admire her vision and dedication to the community.

She organizes pleasure trips, health seminars, petitions, political rally trips to Albany and such. In short, she gives this very important part of our community, a forum where they can meet, discuss issues such as housing, Social Security, and health benefits, and hopefully find answers to their problems. In addition, this is a wonderful place to make new friends and keep in touch with dear ones.

I don’t have to say they were quite a spry bunch, and they kept me in stitches, as I prepared the Gazpacho for them to taste.

The Gazpacho was a huge success, and there was enough for many of the folks to taste, and take a little home with them. I look forward to visiting with them again, soon!

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