CREATE Celebrates Learning and Teaching @Pier 94, NYC

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon this weekend helping WNET13 and WLIW CREATE present a Learning and Teaching Conference that was assembled for teachers. It was a gorgeous day outside, so I was concerned about the turnout, but as you see from the pictures, it takes more than a sunny day and 60 degree weather to keep our dedicated teachers from a conference that will benefit their young wards.

I was greeted at the entrance by the lovely Hsieh twins, who were so charming and full of vim and vinegar, that I was tempted to ask them what their secret was!. They escorted me over to the Borders booth, where I would be conducting a book signing for the afternoon.

How adorable are they, really?

Thankfully, it seems that teachers are well versed in Daisy Cooks! and in a matter of minutes, our table was swarmed with fans of both the show and the book.

I even managed to say “HI” to a couple of old friends, like organizer, Dorothy Pacella and WNET’s VP Director of Education, Ron Thorpe.

The event was at the Pier for the entire weekend, and I rode past on Sunday, and it appeared to be as well attended if not better than it was on Saturday. I really have to hand it to the dedication and commitment of NYC’s teachers who are more than willing to utilize their days off for the further betterment of their students. I know some parents who would benefit from that example!

Hats off to our local PBS stations and all of the fine educators who made their way to Pier 94 this weekend!


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