Kicking off the “Unofficial” Beginning of Summer…Daisy Style!

May has been a whirlwind of activity (I’m sure I will bring you all up to speed sooner than later), and I really have not had a lot of time for relaxing and getting together with friends. Last night, Miggy and I took steps to remedy that situation, and met our good friends Chris, Joe, Will and David for tapas at ALTA, a charming restaurant in the West Village. We wasted no time in ordering some refreshment, but were completely and utterly surprised at the fact that you cannot order Sangria by the pitcher, only by the glass…but what a glass it was. It was fruity and delicious, not cloyingly sweet, and oh so refreshing.

The boys let me take charge of the ordering, and I have to admit I love to do that when we are doing tapas. I started out with The Philadelphia Truffle Surprise, little phyllo purses filled with a dollopof delicious truffle scented cream cheese. I’m not sure I’d find this in a tapas bar in Barcelona, but it was really delicious.

Fried Goat Cheese with Lavender Infused Honey was crispy, tangy and delicate all at once. I loved the creaminess on the inside and the crisp on the outside…perfect! We cut them open in half and passed then around. I can tell you thatthey did not last very long at all!

Perfectly Deep Fried Smelts served very simply with sea salt and lemon crunched in your mouth for a second, and then seemingly melted away, and the Bacon wrapped Dates and Olives stuffed with Almonds proved to be too much of a temptation to Will , who declared these his favorite.

Miggy pulled up to the restaurant waxing poetic about the Lamb Meatballs, served with butternut squash foamn, toasted sesame seeds and lebne, so I didn’t waste anytime in springing for them. The were everything they had been made up to be. My only regret was that I only ordered one plate.

Our appetites were all well piqued by this time, the first round of tapas had not failed to leave us hungry for more. I ordered the Tuna Tartare, the Grilled Chorizo Wrapped Shrimp, the Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Fuji Apples, Creme Fraiche and Pistachio Nuts, and the Caramelized Cauliflower with Manila Clams, Chorizo and Golden Raisins. One word: OHMYGOD!!

The crowning glory of the evening were the Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, meaty and satisfying. They were as wonderful as the ones that I remember eating in Barcelona, and I couldn’t resisit going back to the plate for “just one more”.

Knowing Will and David’s insatiable sweet tooth, we order the Rice Krispy treats and the Caramelized Bananas. The desserts were out of this world!!

It’s not hard to see why we all look so happy at the end of our meal , right? It never fails: good food, good wine and good friends…never has there been a truer equation for a wonderful evening.

I can recommend ALTA wholeheartedly and without reservation. You can be sure that I will be back to visit those mushrooms again!

64 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10011
212 505 7777


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