Happy Birthday to Me! Pt. 2

On the day of my actual birthday, I was invited to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Polanco, Sr. for brunch. They are the parents of my ever fabulous, but sadly, long suffering assistant Migui (who is getting so popular that she’ll be needing to have her own blog soon!). When I arrived at the home of Migui’s sister Margaret, who was hosting the brunch, I was treated to a big “SURPRISE!”, and found the Polanco’s had thrown me my first surprise party ever! They even sang “Las Mananitas”, and “Celebro tu Cumpleanos” in Spanish!

Migui’s mom, Dona Miguelina had thrown caution to the wind, and made enough food for an army! In addition to a wide variey of baked treats, there were eggs, sausage, bacon, 2 different types of quiche (spinach and Lorraine), mimosas, and a sweet plantain pastelon filled with a delicious picadillo, that was as light as a feather! I have never had that experience when eating pastelon. Everything was fresh and delicious, and the company was warm and comforting. Dona Miguelina had put all of her daughters on decoration detail, and Margaret, Wendy and Migui did not disappoint her. The table was incredibly lovely.

At one point I felt my throat lock, because that long dining room table dressed in white, with the sound of children laughing and playing in the background, while the adults joked and ate to satisfaction, brought me back to the days at Abuela’s table. Aside from Don Leo Sr., Dona Miguelina and her three fabulous daugters and their lovely families, the party was rounded out by Leopoldo Jr. aka Titi, Migui’s fine brother, and childhood friend Waleska (haaaaaaaiiii!) and her great boys.

Titi, Wally, and Margaret

It wouldn’t be a real birthday party without a cake and Migui soon did the honors.

The piece de resistance

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a birthday afternoon, with family and close friends, sharing and creating memories. I have to thank the Polanco, Roque and Kimmey families, and Waleska, for letting me be a part of their wonderful clan on such a special day and for all of their thoughtful and generous gifts. Of course, my faithful assistant, but more importantly, dear friend Migui for bringing me to the bosom of this close knit and loving family, but most of all, I have to thank HRM Camila Salome, for letting me share her spotlight, if only for an afternoon. Bendiciones a todos!


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  1. 1 Yvette Soto August 2, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Hi Daisy,
    I am very proud of your way of introducing the wonderful and tasteful spanish dishes on your program and website. I feel so happy to see others enjoy our traditional way of cooking. It’s so tasteful! I thank you!

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