I promised you Tony Packo’s…

…and I’m true to my word! I was invited to Toledo Ohio recently to talk at the San Lucas County Public Library, and while there, ventured out to try some of the local flavor. Everyone and their uncle told me the place to go was Tony Packo’s Cafe in Toledo. Miggy and I decided to hit it for lunch…we never knew what hit us!

I’ll grant you that Tony Packo’s isn’t what one would call “fine dining”, but hey, you’ll never accuse me of turning my nose up at good comfort food! Word on the street was that the chili dogs were kickin’ and the stuffed cabbage was the real deal, so I’m thinking, “okaaaay, that’s two!” Miggy and I arrived, having skipped breakfast, because we were warned that the portions were generous. Generous does not start to describe it!

The friendly staff at Tony Packo’s Cafe

Miggy and I stepped up to the order counter to look over the menu which is posted on the wall, behind the counter. We had a good indication of what we wanted, having been coached by the locals, so I ordered Tony’s Triple Treat, a combination platter containing a hotdog, a bowl of chili, and a stuffed cabbage the size of a human head! There was absolutely no way I could have started to put a dent in this, but I wanted to experience Tony Packo’s authentically, so I took one for the team. Miggy decided that she would opt for the infamous M.O.A.D., or, as it is more affectionately called, The Mother Of All Dogs, which elicited a proposal of marriage from a male patron on line. What the connection could have been was unclear. Creamy mac and cheese and deep fried pickles rounded out the menu.

Hotdog dressed with chili

Stuffed cabbage

Miggy’s M.O.A.D.

Mac and cheese, stuffed cabbage, and deep fried pickles.

A picture of Miggy and her M.O.A.D., just to give you perspective!



Life I have never eaten so much at one sitting! And I didn’t even attempt to finish it all. My friend Rodney would well consider this place paradise, as I have to say, those chili dogs actually snapped when you bit into them! The M.O.A.D. came dressed with chili and two different kinds of cheeses, pickles, pickled peppers, and cole slaw on the side, and had that same “snap” when you bit into it, and was incredibly juicy. I’ll tell you Miggy did me proud that day, and managed to finish the better part of that dog! While she finished up, I looked at the memorabilia that is very MASH inspired because of the retsaurant’s relationship with local Toledo talent, Jamie Farr.

Daisy and the MASH “buns”

Apparently, the restaurant’s “bit” is that when a celebrity walks through it’s doors, they’re asked to sign a hotdog bun with a sharpie. This bun is then put on display in a case for all to enjoy. I saw buns from the MASH ensemble of course, but also buns signed by Donald Trump, KISS, Bill Clinton (pre-surgery!), and numeruus others.

All in all, it was quite an afternoon, and although I don’t anticipate eating at Tony’s anytime in the near future, I just might make a trip back one day, and see if they ask me to sign a bun!


3 Responses to “I promised you Tony Packo’s…”

  1. 1 Rodney June 6, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    I’m checking travelocity. I gotta have me an M.O.A.D.
    Miggy, you with me on this?


  2. 2 daisy June 7, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    AHAHAHAHA!! Rod, she couldn’t eat for two days after that! I am telling you…you could keed a family of four on that monster!

  3. 3 Migui June 7, 2007 at 10:09 pm


    You go ahead, be my guest dear!!

    It was amazing, but next time we will share (Daiz??)…..still digesting it! lol

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