Quisqueya Continued

Like I said in my previous post, I was off to a really good start with my Dominican food expedition, with the very real promise of it only getting better! We started off our second day with an excursion into the colonial part of Santo Domingo where we visited a confectionery which had a lot of sweets I had never seen.

Chicharron de Leche and Dulce de Naranja

However, since we are all up for sampling, we bought assorted packages and had ourselves a sugar rush! Exactly what we all needed to energize for our little tour of La Colonial. We stopped by La Catedral Primada de las Americas, which is the oldest cathedral in the New World, built from 1514 to 1546. The cathedral was beautiful without being overwhelming, and I stepped inside to say a short prayer, and light a candle.

The main alter

Gate at Catedral Entrance of the Catedral

Our next culinary stop was El Conuco, a “country style” restaurant, where the waiters are dressed in the style of the Cibao. Walking in, you immediately notice the very “country” decor, which is definately cute and kitschy, and then the traditionally garbed performers.

We were treated to some “janiqueque” to nibble on while we ordered some really good cocktails.

Traditional Mojito Delicia de Mango Amor de Conuco

Let’s see…nibbles, check….cocktail, check…time to order some food! Let’s start out with a picadera plate, a little bit of everything. How does tostones, Dominican longaniza, masitas de cerdo, yuca fritters, yuca fries, and chicharrones de pollo sound to start things off? I say let’s throw in some catibias (yuca empanadas), and we’re looking good!

Okay, I’m having some fun, now! Bring on the entrees! We chose real traditional dishes, and none so traditional as the Dominican “Bandera” and the Chivito Guisado (Braised Kid Goat), throw in some Sancocho and Moro de Guandules, and I’m ready to bust  a move and bang out a merengue!

White rice, beans and meat (either chicken or pork). La Bandera Dominicana!

Braised Kid Goat


Moro de Guandules

I can honestly say that this was such a wonderfully cozy, homey meal that I couldn’t have asked for anything more, but on top of it all, our waiter, Julio Cesar, was so attentive and adorable, that it was the icing on the cake!

Migs, Julio Cesar, and Daisy

El Conuco’s hospitality was further punctuated by their gracious serving of a complimentary cup of ginger tea (to aid with digestion), that was absolutely delicious. I’m thinking we need a branch of El Conuco in NYC…it would be on my list of regular spots i nno time flat!


2 Responses to “Quisqueya Continued”

  1. 1 rob August 3, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    welcome back 🙂

    i just saw that you have a new column in Rachael Ray’s mag,
    for anyone who hasnt seen it : http://www.rachaelraymag.com/content/43916/

    i can’t wait to try out the recipe. thanks for representing latinos who love to cook 🙂


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