Pupusa Galore!

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather we’re experiencing in Brooklyn this week to step out to the Red Hook Ball Fields, and grab some great Latino eats. You are probably well informend by now, of the stalls of food from Mexico, Salvador, and Honduras. Apparently, everybody else had the same idea!

It was just the three of us (not counting Roxie!), so we decided to split up and maximize the experience. Angie and I found a great stall featuring Colombian food. They had a great grill going with Columbian chorizo, Colombian empanadas, and carne asada skewers, rice and beans, and a bubbling pot of hot oil frying highly seasones pork chicharrones. Sign me up for one of those!


They served the chicharrones with boiled yuca that had a light tomato and onion sauce. Let me just say that it was so good, that I never made it to take the picture! It was absolutely gone before I had a chance to grab for the camera. We ordered a delicious, ice cold glass of horchata and refresco de tamarindo, that was the perfect foil to the salty spicy chicharrones.


We then headed over to the pupusa stall. There are a couple of vendors there that are making pupusas to order, with either bean, pork or cheese fillings. Pupusas are made with masa shaped into a well, filled with the filling, and then the masa is closed over into a ball, which is then gently flattened into a griddle cake. This cake is then cooked until crisp on a hot griddle. Served with the traditional curtido (Salvadorean slaw), I am issuing a warning about pupusas: They are potentially habit forming!

Making pupusas

Pupusa maker


The huarache stand wasn’t far from there, and it would have seemed rude not to stop by (/sarcasm!). A huarache is a large corn tortilla that is filled with cheese, refried beans, meats, and veggies (build your own). Yes, maam! I went there!

Making tortillas for huaraches

Filling huaraches

We wrapped up the walking food tour with roasted corn on the cob dressed with lime, mayo, chile and grated cheese, and mango on a stick.

It really was a lovely way to spend a beautiful afternoon, and even Roxie got a chance to partake of the local fare! The intersection of Clinton and Bay Streets in Red Hook Brooklyn never tasted so good!

4 Responses to “Pupusa Galore!”

  1. 1 migui August 19, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    Aha!! Que bien! You couldn’t wait to go without me ??

  2. 3 omar estevez April 6, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    i love it, these people are totally awsome daze!!

  3. 4 daisy April 7, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Dear Omar:

    Yes indeed! AMAZING!!!

    We had such a great time (and food, of course!)


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