November 2007



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It seems that autumn refused to show up this year, but this week has finally brought cool temperatures and pretty foliage at long   last! Once Halloween is over El Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated on November 2 in Latin America (but with special festivities in Mexico). My friend Francisca tells me that she would always get   very excited about this holiday when she was a little girl, because her parents would buy her and her sisters new outfits, and they  would go out for churros and chocolate in the zocalo. If you are in Portland, Oregon, make sure you stop in to Sahagun Chocolates,  and visit my friend Liz Montes and pick up a few of her special Dia de los Muertos chocolates!
  So, for me, the holiday season has officially started. Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, and right after that begins the Christmas festivities (not that I’m rushing things!). This past month has been chock full of events that were way too much fun. I was honored at Brooklyn Borough Hall by

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BP Marty Markowitz during Hispanic Heritage month, and had the opportunity to meet some lovely people. It’s always nice to get recognition, but I love any chance I can get to meet and mix with fans. Marty was the perfect host and featured Latino restaurants from Brooklyn who put out a nice spread and mariachis for our entertainment.

I also have some great news! Esmeralda  Santiago has invited me to co-author a short story with her that will be read over the air on Christmas Day on NPR!! This is  so exciting for me; not only am I a great fan of Esmeralda, but I am fortunate enough to be able to count her as a good friend.
  So tune your radios to NPR on Christmas Day (as if you don’t already have enough to do!).

  The FDNY invited me to a Firefighter Chef Taste Off in the FDNY Museum down town, and that was a lot of fun. I ran into some old friends while I was there (shout outs to the Blum Family, and Chef Tom Hurley and Rescue 1), and made some new ones as well. God, I love those guys! They can invite me over to the firehouse to cook, anytime!

Miggy and I also went up to Rochester, NY to visit our friends, the Latinas Unidas, but I will be blogging about those events over  at Boriqua Blog, so you can all check it out there! In closing, let me leave you all with heartfelt wishes for a happy, healthy  Thanksgiving, in the company of all of those that you love… that’s where you’ll find me!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!


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