January 2008

Feliz 2008!

Marc, Daisy, Angela and Dave in front of Social Paraiso in Palermo, BA
  Marc, Daisy, Angela and Dave in front

  of Social Paraiso in Palermo, BA

Happy New Year everyone! I am very much looking forward to this year as one of growth and opportunity. I certainly started it out with a bang. As I mentioned before, I spent the holidays thru New Years Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the major part of my family (Jerry and Erik couldn’t get away). Paula Scharff’s family all live in BA, and along with her husband and friends, treated us to a super fantabulous time. When I tell you that we literally ate our way from one end of Buenos Aires to the other, it is no exaggeration!

The food in Buenos Aires is protein heavy with emphasis on meat (you all know me to be an avid carnivore), but I was very pleasantly surprised to note the very Italian influence on the food, and how very sophisticated and European it is. In addition, I found the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to be equally charming, cultural, and diverse, and I will be blogging my trip to BA on Bblog so keep your eyes peeled.

Rosca de Reyes Daisy Style

Rosca de Reyes Daisy Style

Thank you all for your kind remarks and emails left regarding the NPR radio play that Esmeralda and I performed on Christmas Day. Both Esme and I have gotten some really warm and moving emails concerning the piece, and if you haven’t had a chance to hear it, they have it on the All Things Considered segment of the site on www.npr.org, and make sure that you let NPR know how you received the piece. We’re all about the feedback!

  Aside from the Fiesta de Los Reyes Magos, putting the Christmas decorations away, and going back to school, January has always been synonymous with “comfort food” for me. So in addition to the Rosca de Reyes for the festivities, this month’s recipes are going to include Chicken Soup with Noodles, Sancocho (in honor of Abuela), and Equadorian Fish Stew (Biche de Pescado). A nice, hot bowl of any of these satisfying soups and stews will happily feed your soul as well as your stomach, not to mention the enticing aromas that will fill your home.

No boricua’s blog would be worth its salt, if it did not share it’s Reyes Magos celebration, and so here it is. I got together with new friend and comrade in crime Chef Carmen Gonzalez and my brother Chef Pete, and between the three of us we rocked the heck out of the kitchen to share a Reyes with our friends that they would not soon forget.

Here are a few highlights:

Dia de Reyes Magos

Feliz Dia de Reyes Magos and a Happy New Year to one and all!

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