Asado, Anyone?

When I first planned my trip to Argentina, I prepared myself for the meat-fest that I knew awaited me, but never in my wildest dreams could I have come close to the actual experience of an Argentine asado, or grill. These Latinos are serious when it comes to their meat, and they have the grills to prove it, as I will be more than happy to show you in this and future entries.

Our little troop scheduled a Christmas Day dinner in Cabanas Las Lilas in Puerto Madero, not far from where the Scharffs have their apartment. As you approach the restaurant, you are seduced by the aroma of meat on the grill. We were definitely off to a very good start, as my clan are well documented carnivores.

Grill Masters at Cabanas Las Lilas

We ordered the Picadera Platter to help us get in the mood. It included Grilled Eggplant with Black Olives, Roasted Tomato with Olive Oil and Oregano and Baby Mozzerella, Roasted Sweet Red Peppers, Jamon Serrano with Chimichurri, and Tortilla Espanola (I really wish I could insert my tilde *~* over my “n”), and these deliciously addictive little breads made with yucca.

            Picadera Platter

Little Yuca Popovers and Bread Basket Presentation

The Picadera was nice, but we were ready for a bit more than just a tickling of our appetities, and decided to get a bit more adventurous. Bring on the Beef Empanadas (they don’t used ground meat, but finely chopped beef which is delicious!), Morcilla (blood sausage), and Chorizos (the texture is much looser than Spanish chorizo, but not as loose as Mexican chorizo; it is closer to Italian sausage), and God help me, Provoleta (grilled Provolone cheese…*drool*) along with some Grilled Mollejas (veal sweetbreads). We were now just about primed for our main course: meat, meat and more meat!

Beef Empanadas  alongside Morcilla, and Grilled Chorizos

Grilled Provoleta and Waiter presenting the Grilled Mollejas

David ordered Medallon de Bife (tenderloin), Paul ordered the Lomo (loin), Angela ordered Entrana (I’m still missing my tilde), I ordered a strip steak, and Marc ordered an Ojo de Bife (rib-eye), vowing not to get up from his seat until he devoured every last bite. I will let the following two pictures tell the story!

Marc looks at his Ojo de Bife dubiously

Veni, vidi, vici!

We ordered some fried potatoes to accompany the meat, and two salads, which I failed to document, and we decided to pass on dessert, although our waiter graciously presented us with a plate of petit fours.

“After dinner mint, anyone? It’s wafer thin!”

Our meal at Cabana Las Lilas made for some very happy stuffed diners; here is what we looked like, after deciding to take a leisurely walk along Puerto Madero to aid digestion:

Feliz Navidad, indeed!


2 Responses to “Asado, Anyone?”

  1. 1 Lyzz January 22, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    i so envy you.. wish i was there..

  2. 2 daisy February 25, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    It’s definitely worth the trip!

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