Rescue (1, and) Me!

I took a minute to stop by the Rescue 1 firehouse in Manhattan to serve up a little post holiday dinner to the fellas. I met the boys from Rescue 1 about a year ago, when I was introduced to them by ex-firefighter and now chef extraodinaire Tom Hurley, of the west coast.

Salvaged door from original Rescue 1 firehouse

“Daisy Surfboard” last year at Rescue 1

I was a little dismayed when I walked in to start cooking , and was informed that the men of Rescue 1 were running a contest to see who could lose the most of their “holiday” weight gain, with a nice cash prize as incentive, but I was quickly assured that they would have to put their diet concerns aside for one day. I set up shop and got to work.

Daisy sets up dinner at Rescue 1

On the menu were guacamole with tostones, salad, pernil and rice with pigeon peas, with flan for dessert. I had no shortage of volunteers, but I assured the guys all was well in hand, and they should relax while they could.

Rice with Pigeon Peas… pretty, right?

Daisy breaks down a pernil

Lt. Tony Tarabocchia and Firefighter Gary help themselves to very healthy salad

Dinner is served! Roast Pork and Rice with pigeon peas

It was a pleasure to take the opportunity to thank NY’s Bravest in general for all that they do everyday they show up for work, and to the men of Rescue 1 in particular, but being a really great group of guys.

Of course, there’s always one…

Firefighter Ritchie “Legs” and Daisy


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