May 2008

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

After an incredibly beautiful month of April here in NYC this year, I am giddy with excitement at the arrival of the merry month of May. As lovely as April was, with three of my home girls’ birthdays (Violette on 4/12 and Migui on 4/25, Jennifer on 4/30), the birthdays of two of my children (Angela on the 3rd and Marc on the 6th), the Spoons Across America Dinner Party Project , and the rapturously beautiful weather, this May is special because I am approaching a monumental milestone.

See for yourself:

It’s official! I have passed my Papi in age (he’s been 39 for quite some time, now)! I can’t believe it! Jerry is finally throwing me a party, Mami, Papi, Tia Nery, and tons of friends and family are going to join me to celebrate my semi centennial… and I’m gonna party, like it’s my birthday!

My birthday is actually on the 6th of May, but we’re celebrating on the 9th, because I thought it would be a good ruse to get Mami out of Florida for Mother’s Day on the 11th. My fabulous friend Loni’s mom, the ever-fabulous Edith is celebrating her 80th birthday on May 10, so we’ll be celebrating all weekend long! Don’t forget lovely Esmeralda Santiago’s birthday on May 17, rounding out the month’s festivities. I can’t wait!

I am also celebrating another very incredibly important occasion on May 16th. My gorgeous and talented son Marc Lombardo is graduating Arcadia University with a Bachelor in Theatre Arts. His impossibly proud family will be in Philadelphia with him on that date to applaud his accomplishments. Geez, it seems like only yesterday, he was a cherub faced little boy with a mass of dark brown ringlets.

Time definitely goes by way too fast for most of us to enjoy it fully. Having said this, I never miss an opportunity to create lasting memories for my family, and with that in mind, since I have the luxury of Mami’s company this year for Mothers Day, I will plan a menu of all her favorite things. You know she loves seafood, so I’ll be making Seafood Skewers with shrimp and scallops on the grill, with Yellow Rice and Asparagus in Sour Orange Vinaigrette. However, I will really rock her socks when I serve dessert: Coconut Panna Cotta with a Tropical Fruit Salad. It’s her absolute fave!

This summer is certainly gearing up to be a great one, after such an exciting spring.  Break out the birthday cake and champagne… I’m ready to celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day to Mami’s everywhere, from my home and family to yours!


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