Always Remember….Never Forget

Seven years ago today, I joined the world in dumbstruck horror, as I watched the World Trade Center collapse form my third story window. It seems like only yesterday, that the terror I felt first paralyzed me, until I switched to pit bull mother mode and realized that my son Marc was in school in downtown Brooklyn, and that he was keeping his friend Harry, a wonderful Seik boy, company because he was afraid for Harry’s safety. Among the drizzle of ash that made its way to Brooklyn in a plume of acrid wind, I jumped in my truck , and set out to meet Marc and Harry at a designated spot on 4th Avenue, and get them home safely.

It was the day that my family lost it’s innocence…a loss of innocence that was reflected across America, and in fact, the world. As painful as that loss was, I take today to honor and celebrate the memory of not only those that perished on that day, but for all who have survived, dealing with grief and renewal day by day . I honor the wives and the husbands who have had to explain to their children why mom or dad isn’t coming home anymore…for the sisters and brothers who cling to memories of childhood shared,…for the mothers and fathers who clutch the pillows of their children to their breast, inhaling their scent and praying for peace.  I honor New York Fire Department for all they have done, all that they do, and for their sacrifice everyday. I honor our troops overseas, and pray for them to come home safely, to those they love and those who love them.

Pray for peace.

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