October 2008

I woke up this morning to the first real chilly morning of Fall 2008! Gosh, I love this weather! This is the time of year when I fell in love with my husband, when I delivered two of my children (the other two were born in the Spring, my other fave time of year!), and when I start the countdown to all of my Fall/Winter holidays. Of all these holidays, none brings out the mischief in me more than Halloween, and because I have been a bit negligent the last couple of years (Angela reproached me about this a bit!), this year I have decided to pull all the stops, and shoot the moon, so to speak!

I don’t know if Marc and Erik will be around to celebrate this year (they’ve officially moved to Philly!), but I am sure that David and Angela (and maybe we can bribe my nephew Gabriel) will be on board to create the spookiest Casa Daisy yet. I usually have cars full of people pull up and unload in front of my house for Halloween, and this year they will be in for some special treats. The décor is going to be over the top, and the “live action” ghouls will be on hand to provide chills and thrills. I can’t wait!

Luke, Daisy (as Pennywhistle the Clown), Gabe (back left) and David

Aside from all of the Halloween hijinks that I can look forward to, I also anticipate autumnal entertaining, as I love using the porch for early evening cocktails and the cool night breezes in the dining room make for enjoyable dinners. One of my favorite dishes for this time of year is the classic Fideua, because it’s quick and easy to prepare, absolutely delicious, ranks a 10 on the “wow” factor, and never fails to delight my guests. For this reason I am going to include it as one of the recipes of the month. Because pomegranates are also in season, I am going to include the recipe for a Festive Salad I have devised, that is as much fun to eat as it is to look at! The body of the salad is green leaf lettuce, and it has hothouse cucumbers, Belgian endive, fennel, and Valdeon blue cheese with a final sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. YUM!



Daisy’s Salad

We’re going to have to round that our with a little something sweet, so how about some delicious dulce de leche Chilenito cookies? I think those would be the perfect touch to this savory meal. You can make the dulce de leche ahead of time, and assemble the cookies right before your guests arrive. These recipes are going to make your October entertaining a cinch while getting you rave reviews…I promise!

In closing, I want to let you all know that this month on Boriquablog, we are test running a new project which involves my sharing one letter a week or so, from a fan with either comments, tips, pictures or recipes. Make sure that you are in it, to see your letter on Bblog for all our fans to enjoy. Our first letter was really terrific, and I encourage you all to take a gander at the blog. It really is a peek at Mundo Daisy, up close and personal.

Of course before I go, I have to give my Davalicious boy a big shout out…he turns 20 this month! Happy Birthday Baby Boy! I love you like crazy!

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