A Family That Cooks Together….

I’m welcoming a new family to the “Daisy” fold! This week I received the sweetest email, and there was just no way that I wasn’t going to share the love.

Meet Nery, Javier and the irresistible Isabella Sofia (who is a big fan of rice and beans!).

Nery is Puerto Rican and Javier hails from Colombia, which clearly defines the phenomnon occurring amongst the Latino community that I am always talking about! Check out this week’s email:

Dear Daisy,
Where in the world have I been to have hiding to have only discovered you a day ago??? Well, it has taken me no time to catch up let me tell you. I ordered your book and had it delivered via overnight mail and now it is in my hot hands!!  (I want to go home now to start cooking!)  I just finished reading the end of your Top Ten chapter and I was in tears. Yes, I cried!!  Why? Because I love my family and cooking, to me, is a way to demonstrate to them how much I love them as I prepare healthy, wonderful, nutritious foods.  The best compliment my husband and family can give me is to compliment my cooking. I always tell my husband, “Sencillo, pero hecho con mucho amor.” (Simple but made with lots of love.) My girlfriends call me the Puerto Rican Martha Stewart because I love all things domestic. I have a full time job and have been blessed to have a one year old beautiful baby girl so I don’t have a lot of time – but what I do, I do with love.  Thank you for your book. I know I am going to love it! I have been reading your blog/website and I love your enthusiasm and passion. I was not born in Puerto Rico but I love Latin food (Puerto Rican, Colombian, Cuban, Peruvian, Mexican).  Now, I have your book and your blog to turn to for more inspiration!

Please tell me if your show is on in CT?

Con mucho amor,

If this doesn’t sum up the whole “Daisy” message, I will eat my hat! Nery, it is a privilege to welcome you to our little world, that is constantly growing, thanks to folks like you who know that home is where the heart is, but the soul is in the kitchen! God bless you and your lovely family, and please stay close. We look forward to hearing from you again real soon.


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