What a Great Note to Close the Year With…

A really beautiful email of the week made its way to me today, and I am so in the spirit of the season that I was compelled to share it is. A huge thanks to the lovely Diana Matos DeVivio for her early Christmas present to me!

Dear Daisy,
I am 39 years old, married working professional mom of 3 young children and I grew up with the smells of Puerto Rican cooking in my home.  My mother died 4 years ago. I never took the time to learn how she did it.  I just enjoyed the taste and the family gatherings of food.  When I found your show on PBS and all the rcipes therin, my jaw dropped.  It was like a second chance to learn the way my mom cooked all those years.  Last Christmas I bought your cook book and made a pernil and arroz con gandules for the very first time all by myself.  It actually came out great.  Everyone loved it especially my husband and his family who had never had that before.  My sister who traveled from California to New York for the holidays couldn’t believe how much it tasted like our childhood (except for the coquito of course LOL) This year I am trying it again.  Thank you so very much for making these memories come to life and bringing back the smells and sounds of Christmas from our childhood!   I will make sure my daughter takes the time to learn how to make these recipes one day.  She is only 5 now but I guess it’s never too late to learn.
P.S.  This year, I am using a banana leaf!  🙂

Diana, Mom, Sis, and baby Angela

Diana’s beautiful family


Happy holidays to all!

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