February 2009

What an absolutely incredible beginning to a new year. January has been absolutely amazing, with the launch of Viva Daisy! on Food Network on January 10, 2009 and the flood of response from all of you. Constructive criticism, best wishes, plain old high fives, and fist pumping in the air…you guys have covered all the bases! We have already aired four episodes, with two more to go, and we are all crossing our finger, toes, and eyes that we get picked up as a regular series. It has been a January that I will never forget, of that you can be sure!

Cool Hand Luca with his impeccable taste in television viewing!

Aside from all of the excitement, the weather here in NYC has been brutal, and by brutal I mean Old Man Winter has had his fangs out! It has been icy, snowy, windy, actually down right arctic! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen because I’m testing recipes for the new book, but I haven’t had a lot of time to cook comfort food…really comfy, cozy soul food that will warm my heart, as well as my tummy. With all the snow this past month, I found myself daydreaming of days when I would come home to Mami’s White Bean Soup, or Abuela’s Sancocho, or even make up a delicious pot of  Cannelini Beans with Clams. That’s the stuff memories are made of!

The view of my block, from my front walk this past month

Speaking of comfort food, I can think of few things that are so universally comforting as a good Roasted Chicken, and a “Daisy” chicken, seasoned with Wet Adobo is nothing short of magical. Plump, juicy and fragrant of garlic and herbs, it is not your run of the mill roast chicken. Serve it with a little yellow rice or some fried potatoes, and I am in heaven! If comfort is not high on your priority list, and you have a little “love” on your mind for Valentine’s Day, try my Flourless Chili Chocolate Cake…it’s sure to raise your temperature!

Remember that February 2  is Groundhog Day, and hopefully, the little bugger will not see his shadow signaling an early Spring. I know that’s what I’ll be praying for!

And remember, Saturday morning at 9:30 on Food Network…Viva Daisy! And keep the great feedback coming. That’s the only way to let the network know that you want more Daisy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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