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It’s always such a pleasure to be brought into “homes and family” of “Daisy” fans. It truly warms me to no end, so it stands to reason that this week’s “Email of the Week” should reflect love of family, and how wonderfully food, tboth he preparation and the sharing of, speaks to that.


Yvonne Carbo

My family and I (hubby, 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son) watched your show this morning. My husband’s comment to me was “My first birthday present of the day.” It is his birthday today! My 6 year old son who is autistic sat through your show and said at the end “Mommy can we make what she made for Daddy’s birthday tonight and can I help?” My son loves to help with the cooking in the house. My daughter is in awe of you and Rachael Ray because she gets a kick out of seeing “girls” doing the same things that are usually dominated by the “boys”.

Congratulations on the show at the FN! My husband and I have enjoyed watching you throughout the years starting with public television and then you were on one of the public television cable shows where we live.

I am looking forward to seeing more of your shows.



The Bullaro-Carbone Family (Hubbie Robert, Yvonne, Mom “Dora”, Vincent, and Isabella)

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