Rocking Arroz con Pollo!

My work often requires me to travel, and sometimes I am very lucky, and have the good fortune to make a lasting friendship. Such was the case when I was required to fly to Napa Valley three years ago(and again the year after!) to judge the famous Build a Better Burger Contest, the annual contest that is the pet project of my favorite Southern gentleman, fellow chef and cook book author, James McNair. James and his partner Andrew are reason enough to travel to Napa (beautiful vineyards, scenery and food be damned!), and I had the utmost pleasure of cooking for him and his friends when he visited The Big Apple last year.

Gentleman James wowed and surprised me last week, when he honored me by making one of the recipes I featured a couple of weeks ago on Viva Daisy!, Arroz con Pollo, and, as he was rightfully proud of his results, he emailed me a picture of himself and his beautiful work of edible art!

James McNair and Arroz con Pollo


James, can I tell you how much I love the pan you cooked it in? It looks just like my paellera at home! I can only hope that you and Andrew shared a sip of wine and thought of me. Thank you, Darling! You do me great honor, and I can’t wait to have you and Andrew back at my table! Besitos!

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