October 2009

Borinquen Bound!

September definitely left me with a taste for thick sancochos and slow braises! The cool weather made for many inspiring moments in the kitchen last month, as well as some delicious dining in and out of town! I was invited to visit with my friends on CBS Early Show again (hi Maggie and Harry!), while I put a Daisy spin on Maggie’s secret family recipe for black beans! They are both always so gracious and generous when I visit with them, and I would love the opportunity to cook them a real meal, because I am sure that we would spend a large portion of the time laughing!
Daisy, Maggie and Harry on the CBS Early Show
Daisy, Maggie and Harry on the CBS Early Show

We also celebrated a few family birthdays as we; the Silver Fox turned a gloriously young 80 (nobody tell him that!), on the same day that we celebrated Jerry’s birthday, Erik celebrated his birthday a week later on the 29th, and David turns 21 this October 5th! How’s that for a grand slam?

David, Marc, Angela, Alicia and Erik at Dressler Restaurant ready to chow down for Erik’s pre-birthday dinner!
David, Marc, Angela, Alicia and Erik at Dressler Restaurant ready to chow down for Erik’s pre-birthday dinner!

I also got to see a bunch of you at the New York Botanical Gardens (shout outs to you all…you all know who you are!), for their Edible Garden event and that was a lot of fun. Their demo kitchen is all grown up now, and they actually have gas burning stoves and real counters, as well as a plethora of great kitchen equipment (thanks Analon!). We shared a lot of laughs on a beautiful Sunday in September…awesome!

Daisy makes Arroz con Pollo
Daisy makes Arroz con Pollo

Daisy and friends!

Daisy and friends!Daisy and friends!
Daisy and friends!

But as fun as September was, October is going to rock my socks!! Yes! It’s true! At long last I am flying to do an event in beautiful Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto! I have been invited to judge the Al Gusto Competition at the Centro de Convenciones in San Juan, PR on Friday October 9 through Sunday October 11, 2009, and I couldn’t be more excited! In addition to being a judge, I am doing demos, book signings and meet and greets, so if you find your happy little heart on the island of Enchantment that weekend, come on over and say, “Hola!”

The following weekend will find me in the Arscht Center in Miami for the Celebrity Chefs Series on October 16th, where I will also be cooking for a live audience, so things are definitely going to warm up for me during the month of October. When I return from Miami, I will be judging the FDNY’s Cook-off to benefit the FDNY Fire Museum on October 14th at the museum from 6-9, and you know how much I look forward to that every year! Last year the guys really raised the bar to a higher level, and I will be joined by a panel of judges who are about as giddy about this competition as I am!

Of course, I’ll be home just in time to get the house in order for the Halloween festivities, and just so I don’t miss out on the festivities and trick or treating, I plan to put up a nice tray of brown, bubbly, cheesy Chilaquiles with Tomatillo Sauce before hand, and pop it into the oven, about a half an hour before we close up for the night! To wrap things up on a not too sweet note, I can pull some Poached Papaya out of fridge (also made ahead!), and we can sip hot apple cider. How about it…trick or treat?

Happy Halloween from Casa Daisy!!


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