November 2010

The Fall is well under swing, with the season’s first frost having made an early appearance this year. The season has been chock full of travel, good food, great wine and wonderful friends. Carolina and I have visited Chile, Argentina and Napa Valley (you can read all about our exploits on Boriqua Blog), and my mind is buzzing with ideas for new recipes, entertaining ideas, and further hunger for travel! It’s amazing how efficient I’ve become on quick, last minute packing!

Of course the really big news is the release of my third book “Daisy’s Holiday CookingAtria 2010. If anyone would have told me I could put a book together from start to finish in 8 months, I’d have told them they were one taco short of a combination plate, yet here it is! The book is beautiful photographed by the charming and talented Frances Janisch, and it is a menu driven book to make your holiday entertaining a simple snap with tons of do ahead tips. Everything a host or hostess needs to greet their guests at the door with a smile and every hair in place!

Inside, you’ll find delicious Latin recipes like Ruby Grapefruit Ceviche, Spaghetti with Chipotle-Pork Meatballs, Rosca de Reyes, and Flourless Chocolate-Chile Cake that are wonderful for your autumn entertaining and winter holidays, but just as easily served for a festive get together at anytime of the year. If you’re not the “hosting” type, and find yourself fitting better into the “guest” mold, consider picking one (or two, or three!) up for your favorite host/hostess as a token of appreciation next time you get an invite…they also make great holiday gifts for all your “foodie” friends!

Sweet Plantains

Sweet Plantain “Canoes” with Shrimp Diablo

Achiote Rubbed Turkey with Manchamanteles Sauce and Longaniza-Cornbread Stuffing

While you’re busy making plans for your Thanksgiving dinner, remember the most important aspect of the season, and that is to take a moment and give thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon you this past year. I thank God for my health, the health of my family, my parents, and my friends…for the opportunity to share what I love with a most receptive audience, and make a living doing it…for the support everyone gives me, and on and on. I truly have too many blessings to list, and for that I am grateful, as well. I’m happy to share the recipe for the Achiote Rubbed Turkey and the Manchamanteles with you, this month, for your Thanksgiving celebration…you can thank me later! 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

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