December 2010

What a ride 2010 has been! Two books released, seven countries visited, countless demos, classes and appearances… I have barely had time to catch my breath, and BOOM!, the holidays are upon me again!! I’d say, “Where in the world did the time go?”, but the truth of the matter is that I managed to cram a whole lot of everything into this year! Yes, 2010 will certainly be one to remember!

Lets take a look at some of the highlights from this past year. Early 2010 brought us to the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Miami, as my buddy Paula Deen calls it, “Spring Break for Chefs” for three days of food, fun and hilarity. There was Burger Bashing and Bubble Q’ing, and hoards of foodies from all over, and it’s where we launched my second book, “Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night (Atria 2010) and shared good times with my friends!

Daisy Dec 2010Daisy Dec 2010Daisy Dec 2010
We returned home to take of on a whirlwind book tour that started on the TODAY Show, and took us to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Puerto Rico among other places. We were met everywhere with friendly fans filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the brand new tome.

Daisy Dec 2010 Daisy Dec 2010

Daisy Dec 2010 Daisy Dec 2010

There was no shortage of classes, demos and great food, and you were all there to share it with me. We laughed, we cried, we shared stories, and boy oh boy, we ate! We went back to Whitehead Lighthouse Station for our annual cooking class, and rocked some serious tamales while taming some lovely lobsters Daisy-style!

Daisy Dec 2010 Daisy Dec 2010

Daisy Dec 2010Daisy Dec 2010

Daisy Dec 2010
Team Whitehead!

We even took to the high seas on the Celebrity Equinox, the first (and most fabulous!) cruise ship I have ever been on, to give them a taste of all things “Daisy”. When not giving cooking classes and demos, Carolina and I had a chance to do some sight seeing, and sample some local fare for ourselves! It was an unbelievable trip of a lifetime!

Daisy Dec 2010 Daisy Dec 2010

Daisy Dec 2010Daisy Dec 2010

We had just enough time to barely cool our heels after our adventures in Barcelona, Nice, Naples, Ajaccio, Dubrovnik, and Rome, when it was time to pack our bags again and set out for a wine tour in Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina. Tough gig, I know, but Caro and I decided to bite the bullet and take one for the team! It was nothing short of amazing!!

Daisy Dec 2010Daisy Dec 2010

Daisy Dec 2010 Daisy Dec 2010
It is good to be back home, nevertheless, because truth be told there’s no place like home for the holidays, and I am crazy busy getting things in order for the big festivities. Here at Casa Daisy we are making holiday cookies for unexpected (and expected) guests to take with them, bottling Choquito (“Daisy’s Holiday Cooking” (Atria 2010), and making a list and checking it twice. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and I’ve conquered a large part of my holiday shopping, so it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here ;-)!

Daisy Dec 2010
Daisy’s Holiday Cooking” launch at Williams Sonoma Columbus Circle!

In fact, I’m already feeling so festive, that when I was invited to the TODAY Show on NBC, I came bearing gifts! We were scheduled to make Caribbean Spring Rolls and Tuna Picadillo Cucumber Cups from DHC and we did, but I brought along some home-made Dulce de Leche for the crew and anchors, along with some Coquito and Choquito (Al Roker said “Choquito” sounds like a Latin superhero!!). It was a blast, as always!

Daisy Dec 2010
Daisy, and the TODAY crew!

So, to give you a hand with your holiday entertaining, I’m going to give you the recipes for the Caribbean Spring Rolls, the Tuna Picadillo Cucumber Cups, and Mushroom Croquettes to help you along with your holiday entertaining and keep the season a little less stressful-and because it’s the season for giving, I’m throwing in Coquito and Choquito, because that’s how I roll!

Happy holidays to all, and my sincerest wishes for a Happy, Healthy New Year!


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