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We Give Them Wings…

This is a real personal post…this week has been a particularly emotional one for me. My oldest son Erik, and my second boy, Marc, have moved out of home and into an apartment together. This after Erik celebrated his 26th birthday on Monday. Those of you who know me first hand, know that my children are my life…my pride…my heart…my joy…

The boys have actually lived out of the house before. I have always encouraged love of travel and exploration, and truth be told, Erik spent four years in Ithaca in college, and Marc has spent the last four years in Philly. However, watching them load the truck last night with their bags and boxes brought out the frantic Mommy in me, leading me to empty the refrigerator and pantry in a desperate attempt to ward off starvation or worse! I rationalized that they are a mere 90 minutes away…by car…and I drive…but not even that was enough to ward off the tears that sent me running into the basement “in search of plastic food containers”.

I have been struggling with “empty nest” for the last couple of years, as poor Miguelina can attest to, but there was a finality about the move last night that left me a bit shaken. Thankfully I still have David and Angela to drive crazy (lol), but the event last evening really shook me, until of course, I realized that this is what I have been preparing them for, for as long as I have had them. They are young men, in search of their own fame and fortune, and gone is the time when I pick them up, dust off their pants and kiss their boo boos, when they fall. I was chatting with my dear friend Richard at dinner on Monday, discussing one of his favorite subjects, his son Sebastian, and I found myself smiling at his “little boy” stories… feeling nostalgic for my own  “boy” experiences.

This morning, after my second cup of coffee, I am reassuring myself that I have raised them to be independant, confident, and productive young men. They are armed with rapier wit, a discerning eye, and very good jugdement…I just hope they remembered to put the perishables I gave them for their breakfast in the fridge last night…and God?…most of all, please, let them FLY!

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