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From the “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Department

I review a lot of restaurants here, and I love to take you guys on trips that I take, but I’ve decided that I’d also like to share things that help make my life easier as well. I dare any girl out there to say that she has never been in the position where she is wearing a button down blouse/shirt, or a wrap dress, etc., and you have a gap between the buttons or the “V” is too low on that dress…or how about when guys lose a cuff button or drop a hem? The usual quick fix for this malady is to use a safety pin, right? Except, you usually end up with the unsightly silver pin peeking through the fabric. Enter


Violette’s Pin Ups, different colored little safety pins (no silver peeking!) that come in several color “collections” that will help you out of that fashion emergency in a pinch! These three are but three of her collections, and I have it on good authority that she’s coming out with a line for Guys, so nobody feels left out! Tucked in a purse or a briefcase, feel free to tempt fashion fate anyday of the week!

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