Chuleria en Pote!

The cuteness in this week’s email is almost too much to bear!


Subject: Hola Nena

Hi Daisy,
Quick note. My dad and sister as well as an old high school friend with hub and baby visited last week. We had a menu for every night. We made happy people. We had a big Obama party with my family and neighbors and guests. Pot luck. I made the pernil and rice and beans. Next day my neighbor Adan asked if I really made the beans. I said yes and he told me I have graduated because he had 3rds.
Julie my sister brought me a new copy of your cook book. So glad to be with it again. Made the churrasco tonight and oxtails later this week.
I forgot how the text in the book reflects your personality.
Also, there is a resturante fantastico nearby us in
la Parguera. Aguaazul. Tamara Zoe is the owner and chef. She was taught at CIA. Wonderful creative food. Best PR quality with NY sleek and creativeness. We have gotten tight with them as we send all our guests there.
Another thing. We don’t have cable but sometimes have access to it at a house we caretake. Is your new show on now if not when and on what days and time.
Look up Cibeline Sariano. She’s a dear friend of ours that’s a fashion designer. She recently moved her store to Charles Street in Boston. For now her website is being re done on count of the move, but will be up soon. Why do I bring this up? Cause I think her style is right up your alley. Cute sporty sassy classic.
Most of all, thanks for the note at thanksgiving. We show all our guests your cookbook. They love the recipes as well as the text and vow to buy it when they return home. Last night we had a taco party and we were showing everyone (our guests) different Puerto Rican foods and ingredients. Mark held up a culantro leaf and asked , ” Do you know what this is?” and one guest from Canada raised his hand and said,”Yes! I know. That is culantro!” To which Mark replied, “Wow you know that being from Canada?” And the guest replied “No, I cheated. I learned it from the Daisy cookbook you lent me last night.”
Also my dad thinks your cute. Nice teeth he says…….. and he is a retired orthodontist.
Anyway enough from me. Thanks for being Daisy and making my kitchen smell good.

David and Mark at Mimi’s Guest House in Guanica.

I seriously need to take some time out and make my way down to Guanica! Dave and Mark? Fluff my pillows!

2 Responses to “Chuleria en Pote!”

  1. 1 David Fishman January 29, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Thanks a lot Daisy. This means so much to us. I haven’t gotten off the phone telling everyone to check it out.

  2. 2 daisy January 31, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    It’s my pleasure, Darling…Make sure they leave a post for you boys!

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